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Studio Soufflé designs and handcrafts awesome inflatables in London, UK.

> [soo-fley, soo-fley] souf•flé -1813

– from Fr. soufflé, noun use of pp. of soufflér “puff up,” from L. sufflare,

from sub- “under, up from under” + flare “to blow”.

Hence the name Studio Soufflé.

Product Designer, Mahani Baharum and Set Designer Maker, Gaia Hannan, met in 2008 while working at a London based design studio specialising in awesome inflatable structures. Trained by the best in the industry, Mahani and Gaia combines’ years of experience, and technical knowledge with quirky aesthetics to create one-of-a-kind inflatble pieces that are not only fun and stunning but also clever and functional.

The chemistry between designer and maker was just perfect that they decided to jump into the unknown with their new brand of high quality and interesting inflatables so in February 2012 Studio Soufflé was born!

Studio Soufflé strives to push the boundary with inflatable technology to create unique and impactful solutions for event spaces, experiential marketing, retail displays, creative installations and bringing characters and distinctive structures to life in the form of giant inflatables.

Studio Soufflé constructions and products are fun, whimsical, unique, and make you feel all fluffy inside!

Mahani & Gaia’s portfolio include installations for clients such as Selfridges, French Connection, Mathmos, Fab Ice Cream, The Southbank Centre and Kidrobot to name a few.

As Studio Soufflé, the duos clients list has been equally impressive including Guinness, Snog Frozen Yogurt, Little Tikes, Beakerhead (Canada), The Brewery (London), Gamewagon and clients in Malaysia.

The beauty about working with event inflatable is that large scale objects and structures can be created and later packed down into a small bundle for easy transportation & storage.

Studio Soufflé welcomes commissions & collaborative work.

event inflatable