inflatable tent and social distancing

“Unprecedented times calls for unprecedented measures”. Yes, we’ve all heard that line a million times over the course of this pandemic. But it can’t be further than the truth and as we start to come to terms with the fact that the virus will be with us a little longer than we would like. We need to start thinking about how we can adapt our businesses and venues while returning to some sort of ‘new normal’ and keeping everyone safe at the same time.

Here’s where Studio Soufflé can help your with inflatable tent and social distancing 🙂 Below are just a few examples of how our range of inflatable structures and bespoke solutions can be used to help with Social Distancing.


Our range of medium to large inflatable structures is an easy and quick way to add extra capacity to your event while still maintaining social distancing. These can be popped up in the carpark when needed for instance. The inflatable structures are quick and easy to set up and also pack down to a fraction of their inflated size so can be stored easily when not in use.

* Shown here is our Macaroon Dome from our Supersize range and a bespoke design.


Additional spaces can also be added for cafés and restaurants where extra outdoor space is available for example in parks and attractions or even a parking lot. Shown below is the Canapé structure from our Regular Fries range which comes with optional clear screens. The Canapé comes in a range of sizes and is open and airy while still providing protection from the elements.


With extra measures being implemented before entering a venue, park or building such as temperature checks, form filling, etc; the queues and waiting times are expected to get longer. And from what we can see outside of supermarkets already with the 1-2m gap between patrons, the queues are much longer than normal. Keep your patrons comfortable and protected while they wait with our modular Canapé structures which can be zipped together to create longer tunnels. The sides are open to keep it cool inside.


Break up large spaces and limit the number of people in each break-out space at any one time. Create a flow of movement map for visitors to follow to minimise bottlenecks and overcrowding. Our pop-up structures such as the Airspace and the Octagon Office from our Bitesize range are perfect for this.

Below are two examples of bespoke solutions for breakout spaces.


As much as parks and attractions are well equipped with toilets and washrooms, it is still not ideal for the amount of times and frequency we are advised to wash and sanitize our hands. Our pop-up Airspace Xs are perfect for popping up hand sanitizing stations around the area.


Create temporary Drive-Thru extensions for your shop, restaurant or café to provide click and collect services and minimize walk-in customers. Work with the team at Studio Soufflé to design a custom structure to suit your needs.


Why inflatables you ask? Below are a few good reasons 🙂

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Packs away small for easy storage and transport
  • Doesn’t require bulky metalwork
  • Can be customised with your logo and brand colours
  • Can be made in pretty much any shape to best represent your brand

These are only a few examples of how the inflatable structures can be used. They are essentially versatile shells that can be adapted to various scenarios.

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