Aerial Props

We have had the pleasure of working with O Beach Ibiza on their inflatable aerial props since 2016. O Beach pool parties have become world famous for their tongue-in-cheek productions where the team is constantly under pressure to make the next summer production bigger and better than the last! Year after year, the projects keep getting bigger, better and more adventurous!

Inflatables as a medium lends itself perfectly to aerial props as it weighs a tiny fraction of what it would be if made in any other materials. This makes it much easier for the production team to manage on & off the crane and store afterwards. The team at O Beach use several different props per day so they do not have much time in between props for switcheroos!

One of our absolute favourite aerial props is the life size Routemaster London Bus covered in tinsel. It was an absolute challenge to produce but 110% worth it! The simple but stunning jellyfish comes at a close second place 🙂

Our inflatables are like no other on the market. We work with special fabrics like sequins, fake fur, metallics, etc to give your props that extra pizzazz. Contact us today to discuss your ideas!