Atrium installations

Atrium installations are key in transforming any shopping mall be it for Christmas, Eid, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and any other special occasion event… They are normally seasonal so what do you do with them when not in use? Conventional atrium displays are massive so naturally, transportation and storage become a real issue.

Enter inflatables!

Inflatables pack down to a very small fraction of the size of the actual inflated object and often will fit into an easy to manage luggage suitcase. They are lightweight and easy to install.

If you are worried, you will end up with a bunch of plastic pool toys in your shiny mall, don’t fret. Studio Soufflé specialises in the design and production of high end inflatable objects using unconventional materials and techniques. We can work with sequins, fake fur and other materials to give the displays that extra depth and texture.

Once the season is over, they can be easily stored and reused again next year! If needed, we can adapt and even upcycle your props to keep them fresh 🙂

Speak to our team and find out what we can do for you.