Dynamic Props

Since we make flying props, why not make them move & come alive as well?! As well as working closely with the creative team at O Beach, we work with their production team Arte Volante who creates the internal robotic skeleton that makes our dynamic props dance in the sky. Metal skeletons sit inside the body of the inflatable to make the parts come to life. Sometimes, the movements are simply created by pneumatics, utilizing the power and nature of the air itself we can make the object feel life-like with a bit of engineering and electrical planning!

It started out with the chomping shark, followed by the angry Queen Kong, the beautiful Parrot of Paradise and more. We had some crazy new props in the Studio Soufflé oven baking away for launch in 2020 (and then 2020 happened) so, we can’t wait for them to take flight once we get back to normality 🙂 So, watch this space for the release of some amazing new work that unfortunately was put on hold but are just bursting to get out!

Have any crazy ideas? We would love to brainstorm with you and see where it goes. Call us today!