Outdoor structures

Our designers have an impressive portfolio of work involving the design and project management of large scale outdoor inflatable structures for events, product launches, kiosks and more. We work with a network of structural engineers and technical consultants to make sure any large scale structure we design and produce meets safety standards and requirements.

While we make all the smaller structures in our East London studio to maintain a high level of craftsmanship, all our bigger structures are made in one of the pioneering manufacturers of large inflatable structures in the Far East with an impressive track record and body of work.

All our structures are produced out of BS standard Fire Retardant materials and have been tested to withstand the needs of outdoor structures.

While other mediums will have limitations on the shape and look of the structure due to construction constraints, inflatables allow us to think outside of the box and create the most outrageous, asymmetrical, random and organic designs.

Inflatable structures are great as they pack down small for storage and transportation and take minutes to set up. Rock up onto your event and set up in a fraction of the time compared to the other structures around you who have probably been working for days 🙂 Do not be fooled by the lightweightness of the inflatables though, they are very durable and can be re-used countless times.

Featured on this page are some of the outdoor structures we have designed and produced in the past. Highlights for us in this category are the Jagermeister Deer Head Pavillion, the Lotus Pavilion and SNOG Frozen Yogurt Kiosk.

Talk to us today about your structure requirements be it something from our Product range to designing something completely bespoke and spectacular!

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