How Studio Soufflé Incorporates Branding into Inflatable Design

How Studio Soufflé Incorporates Branding into Inflatable Design


In the realm of experiential marketing, inflatable design holds a unique place. It combines creativity with functionality and offers a powerful medium for brand expression. One company that has mastered the art of incorporating branding into inflatable design is Studio Soufflé. This blog post will explore how Studio Soufflé integrates branding into its inflatable designs.

Understanding Studio Soufflé

Before we delve into their approach to branding, let’s get acquainted with Studio Soufflé.

Who Are We?

Studio Soufflé is a London-based company specializing in bespoke inflatable design. Our creations range from small promotional items to large-scale installations.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

What sets Studio Soufflé apart is our commitment to creating custom designs that effectively communicate each client’s brand identity.

The Role of Branding in Studio Soufflé's Inflatable Design

Branding is at the heart of Studio Soufflé’s approach to inflatable design.

Insulation Properties

Inflatable structures, especially those made from double-walled fabrics, provide excellent insulation. This makes them ideal for maintaining specific temperatures inside, be it for an event, storage, or other applications

Visual Representation of the Brand

Studio Soufflé excels in creating inflatables that visually represent a brand, using colors, logos, and shapes that align with the brand’s identity.

Creating Memorable Experiences

Studio Soufflé’s inflatables are designed not just to showcase a brand, but to create memorable experiences that reinforce brand engagement.

Advantages of Incorporating Branding into Inflatable Design

There are several benefits to incorporating branding into inflatable design.

Enhances Brand Recognition

Well-branded inflatables can enhance brand recognition by making a strong visual impact.

Encourages Customer Engagement

Branded inflatables can encourage customer engagement by offering interactive experiences.

Notable Examples of Studio Soufflé's Branded Inflatables

Studio Soufflé has created a number of standout branded inflatables.

Google Android Inflatable

For Google, Studio Soufflé created a giant inflatable Android, perfectly embodying the tech giant’s brand identity.

Virgin Media's Inflatable Dome

For Virgin Media, Studio Soufflé designed an inflatable dome that served as an immersive branded environment.


Studio Soufflé’s approach to incorporating branding into inflatable design is truly innovative. By creating visually striking inflatables that embody their clients’ brands and foster engagement, they’re taking experiential marketing to new heights. As more brands seek out unique ways to connect with their audiences, the fusion of branding and inflatable design is sure to gain even more traction.


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