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Our team works closely with each customer to ensure satisfaction and the best possible result. Don’t get stuck sourcing products from multiple vendors – we take care of all Inflatable Buildings needs in one place.

World Leading of Custom Inflatable Buildings

Studio Soüfflé is a leading provider of Custom Inflatable Buildings, from concept to completion. We cater for all aspects of inflatable design, manufacture and supply, making sure that your inflatable stands out in the crowd. 

Our experienced team is on hand to provide guidance at every stage of the Inflatable Buildings process; from assessing design ideas to overseeing installation and providing maintenance support. 

We understand that businesses need their inflatable product to look great and be resilient enough to perform over an extended period of time; this is why our inflatables are designed with durability in mind – it’s just one part of the Service Soüfflé difference.

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Our Inflatable Product Range

We have a wide range of Inflatable products for you to choose from. All of our products are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Have you been looking for something specific when it comes to Inflatable Buildings?

Maybe you have a unique idea in mind, or need customised material to promote your event?

Companies have used inflatables from replica product replicas, giant inflatable characters, inflatable arches or tents, and inflatable signs. The level of visibility and impact inflatables bring makes them an attractive option for any business trying to get their name known in their local community or help increase sales.

We specialise in helping our customers create Inflatable Buildings that not only meets their requirements, but also helps them stand out from their competition.

Our team works closely with each customer to ensure satisfaction and the best possible result. Don’t get stuck sourcing products from multiple vendors – we take care of all Inflatable Buildings needs in one place.

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Inflatable Building

Giant Inflatable Buildings For Advertising & Marketing

Inflatables come in all shapes and sizes these days. No matter what type of business you have, there’s an inflatable solution that can help you market it. From giant inflatable animals to bounce houses to custom-shaped products, inflatables can get your business noticed like nothing else! And they’re not just for kids’ birthday parties anymore – adults love them too! If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to advertise your business, consider using an inflatable. You’ll be sure to turn heads and get people talking!

Why giant inflatable buildings are effective for advertising

Giant inflatable buildings have emerged as an innovative and efficacious advertising medium in recent years, capturing the attention of businesses and pedestrians alike. Their immense size and eye-catching designs contribute to an unparalleled visual impact, captivating the curiosity of a vast audience and effectively imprinting promotional messages into their subconscious. As passersby marvel at the scale and creativity of these installations, they inadvertently form a positive association with the brand being advertised. Additionally, these structures are incredibly versatile and can be effortlessly customized to suit the branding objectives and requirements of a wide array of industries. This adaptability makes it possible for businesses to create engaging, interactive experiences that resonate not only with their target demographic but also with the broader public, significantly bolstering brand visibility and reach. Thus, the increasing popularity of giant inflatable buildings in the advertising sphere can be attributed to their exceptional ability to produce significant marketing impact while offering unrivaled versatility and engagement potential.

How to use Inflatable Buildings for marketing campaigns

Inflatable buildings offer an innovative and attention-grabbing solution for marketing campaigns, allowing businesses to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace. These versatile structures can be easily transported and set up in various locations, enabling marketers to reach a wider audience and make a lasting impression. They can be customized in terms of size, shape and design, ensuring that your brand is the focus while presenting a unique and memorable visual spectacle. Additionally, their adaptability makes them suitable for a range of events, such as trade shows, product launches and outdoor promotional activities. In essence, incorporating inflatable buildings into your marketing strategy can help create an engaging and immersive experience for consumers, resulting in a strong brand association and increased visibility. So why not explore the possibilities of inflatable buildings and elevate your marketing campaigns to new heights?

Bespoke Promotional Inflatable Buildings

Bespoke promotional inflatable buildings present a cutting-edge solution for businesses looking to elevate their marketing efforts and create memorable experiences. By providing a unique and eye-catching platform, these custom-designed structures enable companies to effectively showcase their products, services, or brand identity, while attracting and engaging potential customers. Constructed from high-quality materials and leveraging innovative technologies, promotional inflatable buildings are not only durable but also easily transportable and adaptable to various settings and events, from trade shows and festivals to product launches and corporate gatherings. Furthermore, these versatile inflatables can be crafted to mimic specific architectural styles or even operate as functional hospitality or retail spaces, ensuring that the brand’s identity is reflected and maximized in every component, and as a result, leaving a lasting impact on the target audience.

Why work with Studios Soufflé Inflatables?

  • London based Product Designer Mahani Baharum & Creative Production Manager Gaia Hannan have 30+ years of experience combined in the design and production of stunning commercial inflatable structures and objects.
  • Each project is given bespoke care and attention to achieve the individual client needs.
  • Studio Soufflé has the experience and expertise to turn any object into an inflatable masterpiece, from things such as our inflatable parrots to our custom inflatable giant pink Cadillac to our inflatable structures and buildings perfect for your event.
  • The ability to work directly and closely with our team to create an inflatable that is uniquely yours or even to customize an object from our existing off-the-shelf range of inflatable structures. Studio Soufflé welcomes commissions & collaborative work.

Why Choose Our Bespoke Inflatable Promotional Products?

  • Create high impact & stunning inflatable displays & inflatable event spaces.
  • Our inflatable designs are always made of high quality materials and are lightweight – easy to transport and quick to install.
  • No tooling is involved in the production of our air-flow inflatable creations, hence the freedom to create organic and asymmetrical forms economically.
  • Some of our inflatable items even pack down small enough to fit into a backpack/suitcase.
  • Brings joy to everyone 🙂 – Guaranteed.

About us

London, Spain, Italy, Singapore

Custom Inflatable Structures for Events in the UK & Worldwide

Studio Souffle Designs & Handcrafts Awesome & Unique Promotional Inflatables!


Hello! We’re studio Soufflé, a London-based company that makes awesome custom-made promotional inflatables and structures for events. Combining years of knowledge and experience in the field of awesome inflatable structures, our team has created a huge range of custom, as well off-the-shelf designs ideal for promotional marketing and events. So far, our awesome inflatables have traveled all over the UK and Europe and as far as the Middle East-even Japan! If you’re looking for a custom inflatable structure design for your event or to promote your business, look no further; Contact us today with your requirements. We’ll be happy to help! 

[soo-fley, soo-fley] souf flé -1813

– from Fr. soufflé, noun use of pp. of souffler “puff up,” from L. sufflare,

from sub- «under, up from under» + flare «to blow».



Product Designer Mahani Baharum and Set Designer/Maker Gaia Hannan met in 2008 while working at a London-based design studio, which specialized in custom-made, awesome inflatable structures. Trained by the best in the industry, Mahani and Gaia share combined years of experience, technical knowledge, quirky aesthetics, and great working chemistry to create one-of-a-kind, inflatable pieces for promotional events. In February 2012, Mahani and Gaia jumped into the unknown with their own brand of high-quality, custom-made awesome inflatable structures, and Studio Soufflé was born!


Studio Soufflé strives to push the boundary with inflatable technology to create unique and high-impact solutions and structures for inflatable event spaces, experiential and promotional marketing, retail displays, creative installations, exhibition stands, and more. Our personal approach allows clients to be involved in the creative process from concept to creation. We offer a fully customized inflatable service, as well as an off-the-shelf range of structures, including inflatable domes and walls which can be customized with corporate colors and branding. 

Looking for inspiration? Check out our Gallery for more awesome inflatable structures we have created over the years, for major promotional events in the UK and all over the world!

We specialize in creating giant custom inflatable installations, bringing characters and distinctive structures to life. By elevating the medium of awesome inflatables from fairground staples to chic, high-end masterpieces, Studio Soufflé constructs fun, whimsical, and unique environments. Studio Soufflé has the experience and expertise to turn any humble object (think flower or shoe) into extraordinary inflatables either for promotional events, or simply for fun and play. We will work with your team to create something uniquely yours, or customize a design from our range of off-the-shelf structures. Our catalog includes a variety of fun and stunning inflatable works that are cool, clever, but suitably functional too.

Based in London, UK, we work with clients all around the world, including Europe, USA, South East Asia, Middle East, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Japan, France and more!


Selfridges, French Connection, Mathmos, Fab Ice Cream, The Southbank Centre, Kidrobot, Guinness, Jägermeister, Snog Frozen Yogurt, Little Tikes, O Beach Ibiza (Spain), Beakerhead (Canada), The Brewery (London), Louis Vuitton, Cartoon Network, Diesel, MyCreative Ventures (Malaysia)…

We have more exciting projects and ventures lined up with our fun inflatable creations, so stay tuned!

Studios Soufflé Inflatables Team

Mahani Baharum

Mahani was born in London to Malaysian parents and grew up in Kuala Lumpur. Encouraged by her Architect mother who used to make My Little Pony inspired duvets, soft toys and bags for her, she started making ‘stuff’ herself from a very young age.

Mahani taught herself to sew at the age of 16, and switched from paper to fabric for her creations. After high school, it was only natural for Mahani to return to England to do a degree in Product
Design where in her third year, she did a placement at a German company, Koziol Ideas for Friends, designing quirky, fun, injection moulded homeware items.

Two years after graduating, Mahani landed an internship at a London based design studio specialising in inflatable structures, and has been involved in numerous projects ranging from small inflatable products and retail displays to large scale inflatable buildings and semi-permanent architectural projects for high profile clients such as Puma and Coca Cola.

Gaia hannan

Gaia, originally from Portland, Oregon, USA, started sewing at a very young age making clothes and unusual costumes. She studied sewing and fashion design through school, and at age 18 moved to New York City to study fashion design at the prestigious Pratt Institute.

In 2001 Gaia transferred to Central Saint Martin’s in London, England to finish her degree in Performance Design for Theatre. There she continued to focus on making large unusual objects for the stage. After freelancing in the costume realm, she stumbled upon an advertisement for part time help on large projects, sewing and making inflatable products at a reputable London based design company. The ‘part-time’ job turned into a full-time position. Her skills developed rapidly, as did the quality of the inflatables.

Trusted By The Most Prestigious Brands

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Thinking big?

Don’t fret! Our designers have an impressive portfolio of work involving the design and project management of large scale inflatable structures. We work with a network of structural engineers and technical consultants to make sure any large scale structure we design and produce meets safety standards and requirements.

While we make all the smaller structures in our East London studio to maintain a high level of craftsmanship, all our bigger structures are made in one of the pioneering manufacturers of large inflatable structures in the Far East with an impressive track record and body of work.

All our structures are produced out of BS standard Fire Retardant materials and have been tested to withstand the needs of outdoor structures.

Featured on this page are some of the large scale structures we have designed and produced in the past.

Talk to us today about your structure requirements be it something from our Product range to designing something completely bespoke and spectacular!

Studio soufflé Environment

Sustainability is in the forefront of how we design and produce our pieces. As an environmentally conscious company, Studio Soufflé is aware of the impact and takes pride in using the materials in the best way we possibly can. We have a selection of recycled materials that we work with however while it isn’t always possible to use recycled or recyclable materials due to the choice of colours and performance that is needed, we have systems in place for managing waste from our off cuts down to when our inflatables come to the end of its life.

  • Long lasting, reusable products
  • Off cut & scrap organization for reuse
  • Work with partners to utilise off-cuts and scraps
  • Second-life / upcycling programme for end of life inflatables

We strive to achieve as close to zero waste as possible by working with companies and organizations who will use our off cuts for making bags, jewellery, art installations, etc. The main fabric used for the inflatables are rip stop nylon from local suppliers and part of the design process is to maximise the utilisation of scrap pieces. We spend a lot of time organising scrap pieces by size and colour after every project to be used in the future. The scrap pieces are also used to create smaller items such as bags, costumes, doll clothes and our remote control robot; Robob, among other things. All the excess fabrics that are too small for us to reuse are donated to Wyatt & Jack; a local design company, who produces bags out of old bouncy castles and inflatables, local primary schools, various artists such as Helena Doyle (  & organisations to be used in arts and crafts activities and art installations. Check out the amazing products by Wyatt & Jack at

Our inflatables are made to last and not as single use, throwaway items however, should our clients find that they do not need it anymore or it has come to the end of its life, Wyatt & Jack will take them in and upcycle them into new products – so nothing needs to go to the landfill. Reducing, reusing and recycling materials is a big part of the process right from the beginning of the design phase through to the delivery to the client. We have noticed there is so much wastage in the events industry all over the world and we feel this is something we all can impact on in a more positive way.

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