Inflatable structures
Inflatable structures
Studio Souffle London, UK

Studio Souffle team are experts in their field of designing and making all shapes of bespoke inflatable structures. Starting with an idea to a hand written sketch to the 3D design and finally making the inflatable structure.

Making bespoke inflatable structures is wonderful because there are no limits in making them. Anything can be made as an inflatable structure, ANYTHING. Inflatable structures are not only fabric stitched together with a fan but it is a lot more than that. The fine details and engineering evolved in making the inflatable structures is absolutely tremendous. Inflatable structures can have lights, electrical sockets, LED, projectors, printing, mechanical devices, magnetic objects and more. Inflatable structures can also be combined with other instruments like a piano keyboard to make an inflatable piano, or even make an inflatable mini helicopter that actually can fly!

Inflatable structures

In a bigger scale, Inflatable Domes are widely used in the events industry where there are no limits to how big the inflatable dome can be and they are 100% safe and secure. Not only that but they also pack down very very very small and take few minutes and few people to set up which saves event organizers a great deal of money when it comes to storage, transport and manpower and also Inflatable structure look a lot better than normal halls or tents.

Just like how Ipads and tablets in general took over the book industry by making it a lot easier for readers to own thousands of books in one light weight device, Inflatables are taking over the events solutions industry by providing a beautiful, environmentally friendly and budget friendly solutions to host events.

If you have an idea for an inflatable contact and make your vision into a reality!

London, UK