Lunaluxe camper

Studio Soufflé is proud to present the LunaLuxe Camper inflatable!

Your ‘Glamping’ experience will never be the same again. The LunaLuxe Camper does not only offer a comfy space to relax and unwind under the moonlight while surrounded by nature, it offers a truly unique experience!

The ceiling of this inflatable pod is made of clear PVC which gives it a magical glow as well as the ability to gaze out at the stars at night and ‘Glamp’ in style. This stunning inflatable camper is completely supported and powered by air so no complicated poles or metal parts!

Looking for some extra space for your luxury outdoor wedding? Interested in a temporary cozy summer den for your garden? Want to provide a romantic getaway retreat for couples? This wonderful inflatable dome gives you privacy and quietness while providing an ample window to the outside world above you.

Using the most efficient fan that runs on about the same amount of energy as a couple lightbulbs, it is very fast and easy to set up. In less than 5 minutes you have a fully built living space. There are webbing loops around the base to secure the structure to ground using tent pegs as well as a zip running along the outside to put ballasts in for extra security or even to use as secret storage.

We can also provide flooring for the space, printed to your specification.

Allowing you to fully engage with nature, the modern design gives you the best of both worlds with a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Snuggle up inside and enjoy the beauty of the sky from inside this intimate, delightful room. Studio Soufflé specially designed this inflatable sphere to be easy to enter and exit. The twin skin walls provides a layer of insulation to keep you warm and comfy, they also allow the structure to be open so an airlock door is not necessary.

Don’t miss the chance to offer your customers (or yourself!) this amazing experience!

Special Features:

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