FURR BOWL Inflatable

The Furr Bowl is an original play concept by our creative team. Not sure how to entertain a gang of energetic kids at a party? Pump this up in your garden, they will be on it for hours! Job done.
100% for parenting 🙂

The Furr Bowl is literally a giant rocking cereal bowl that the kids (and adults too) can jump in and rock around. This inflatable is airtight and comes with an electric pump.

Very easy to transport, fits into hand luggage ! Inflates in minutes

Fur cover on the inside is optional.

Size / Options:

Furr Bowl – 2.9m diameter, 1,3m tall POA
Furry inner cover POA


This product is sold with the colors on the pictures. For any modification contact us directly.

FURR BOWL Inflatable


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