Terms & conditions

These Terms and Conditions shall apply to the purchase of goods by you (“the Client”) from Studio Soufflé Ltd., 46 Brooksby’s Walk, London E9 6DA, a company registered in England under number 07999658 (“the Company”). No other terms and conditions shall apply to the sale of the Goods unless agreed upon in writing between the Company and the Client.

Please Note:

Inflatable Structures are NOT intended to be PERMANENT STRUCTURES.

By their very nature and design they are TEMPORARY, LIGHTWEIGHT STRUCTURES and as a result, the intended use and expectation of use MUST be in-line with its design intent.

They are made of lightweight fabric, and whilst there are many benefits to purchasing an Inflatable Structure, they will only conform to environments and weather conditions appropriate to their use. Any warranty will be voided if the structure has been left installed in adverse weather conditions such as strong winds, heavy rain, snow, hail etc. beyond what is specified/advised in the User Manual or Engineering Report.

The Client is strongly advised to take out some form of insurance to cover the structure in the unlikely event of any damage occurring

1. Ordering Process & Payment Terms

1.1.    Once the quote has been agreed, the client will be issued with an Invoice.

1.2.    The project will only commence once the deposit payment is received.

1.3.    50% deposit payment is required on receipt of invoice unless specified.

1.4.    50% final payment is required prior to delivery.

1.5.    85% deposit payment is required if the deadline is less than 4 weeks.

1.6.    100% payment may be required in certain phases of the project.

1.7.    No design/production work will commence receiving the deposit payment.

1.8.    Goods cannot be dispatched until full payment is received.

1.9.    Any bank transfers made as international payments must cover the transfer fees on the sender’s side.

2. Deadlines & Deliveries

2.1.    Delivery date of finalized project is based on the outlined payment schedule. If these dates are not met we cannot guarantee delivery on requested due date.

2.2.    Please allow enough time for planning, patterning, production and delivery, work will commence on first payment. Kindly adhere to the payment plan outlined.

2.3.    Delivery schedule will proportionally move forward based on any missed payments.

2.4.    If a project is required with a production time of less than 4 weeks Studio Soufflé requires a deposit of 85% of total invoice to commence project and insure expedited delivery. The remaining 15% will be due prior to shipping.

2.5.    The company cannot be responsible for any delays in delivery caused by late payments.

3. Intellectual Property Rights

3.1.    All and any designs, sketches or prototypes produced by Studio Soufflé Ltd. (including, but not limited to, drawings named below) remain the sole Intellectual Property (IP) of Studio Soufflé Ltd.

3.2.    No copies may be made or retained of any information in any format or prototypes supplied without the written permission of an authorised representative of Studio Soufflé Ltd.

3.3.    No production of the designs may be undertaken by any manufacturer other than Studio Soufflé Ltd or manufacturers authorised by Studio Soufflé Ltd without prior written consent unless the IP of the said design has been acquired from Studio Soufflé Ltd through a prior written agreement.

3.4.    Studio Soufflé Ltd reserves the right to charge a fee for any transfer of IP.

3.5.    At the conclusion of any discussions, or upon demand by Studio Soufflé Ltd all confidential

information, including the briefing document, written notes, photographs, sketches, models, memorandum or notes taken must be returned to Studio Soufflé Ltd.

3.6.    The signed IP Agreement and its validity, construction and effect shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom.

3.7.    The signee will acknowledge that such duty of confidentiality shall continue in the future, without limitation of time.

4. Warranty

4.1.    Studio Soufflé Ltd. offers a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on the fan and a 1 year limited warranty on the structure which covers repairs on damage due to manufacturing and material defects. Damage due to negligence or any modifications to the structure carried out by anyone not authorized to do so by Studio Soufflé Ltd. will not be covered by this warranty but can be repaired by Studio Soufflé Ltd. for a fee.

4.2.    Detailed instructions on how to use and care for the structure have been or will be provided.

5. Liability

5.1.    Once the client purchases a product from the company it is then up to the client how the product is used. The company will supply guidelines however it is up to the user to follow them or not.

5.2.    The company has no control over how the installation/derig will be managed or how the structure will be used.

5.3.    The company or the manufacturer will not be liable for any damages, either accidental or malicious caused by the client, their contractors or sub-contractors.

5.4.    The company or manufacturer will not be liable if the client, their contractors or sub-contractors do not adhere to the stringent guidelines set out in the User Manuals for rigging, de rigging and the operation of the inflatable during your live events.

5.5.    The company is not liable for any damages caused by reasons other than faults in the design or manufacturing.

5.6.    It is the clients / event organisers responsibility to retrieve signed waivers from the participants using the inflatable.

5.7.    It is the clients / event organisers responsibility to conduct safety briefings prior to participants entering the structure. Safety guidelines are outlined in the User Manual. If these guidelines are not adhered to, the company cannot take responsibility to any injuries caused.

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