We provide Inflatable structures in London, UK for the following sectors and more!:

Inflatable structures

Experiential Marketing.

Want to create that WOW factor when marketing your products/brand? We can help you create stunning, crowd drawing pop up inflatble stands and displays for your experiential marketing or brand activation campaign. Studio Soufflé will work closely with your brand to design and make pop up inflatable kiosks, tents, giant product replicas, inflatable suit of your mascot or giant inflatble characters!

Inflatables are extremely lightweight, easy and quick to install and transport. This will help knock off huge amounts off your budget in terms of time, man power, transportation costs and storage. Make your customers happy and your team happy too!

Inflatable structures

Events & Exhibitions.

Do you and your company exhibit a lot? Do you want to cut down on the cost and time for set up and transportation? You have come to the right place 🙂

Studio Soufflé has a range of off-the-peg exhibition Inflatable structures such as inflatable pods & inflatable walls for you to choose from and customize! We also provide a fully bespoke service where we will work with you to design and create a stunning, eye catching and welcoming stand. We can also create your logo, mascot or iconic object in large scale inflatable to be suspended above your stand which will be visible from anywhere in the exhibition hall. In our experience, visitors who came to our stand at the Event Production Show (EPS) said “Finally, we are have arrived at the weird-cactus-thing!”

Inflatable stands are great as they pack down small for storage and transportation and take minutes to set up! Rock up onto your stand and set up in a fraction of the time compared to the other stands around you who have probably been working for days 🙂 Do not be fooled by the lightweightness of the inflatables though, they are very durable and can be re-used countless times.

We also have a range of medium and large scale inflatble event structures which can be customized with your logo and corporate colours through permanent or temporary branding and also colour changing lighting & projections.

Cut down on transportation & set up time and cost by a huge fraction. Imagine not having the hassle of transporting and putting together all those metal parts! Our inflatable event structures are supported by AIR!

Inflatable structures

Retail Displays.

In the grand scheme of things, inflatble retail displays are on the smaller scale of our work but most exciting and technical!

Be it a large scale inflatble replica of your product or mascot, abstract objects to compliment your products or dynamic inflatble displays that move with the power of air – you name it, we can do it! Throw us a challenge and we will grab it with open arms.

Our team prides ourselves in the ability to recreate figures like for like. We are also capable of transforming 2D objects into 3D and transforming simple sketches into intricate large scale inflatable 3D objects.

Inflatable structures

Props & Advertising.

We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and our ability to re-create characters and iconic objects like for like in large scale inflatable form. With clever patterning techniques, we are able to create edgy, intricate and sleek details out of a medium which is naturally bulbous and round while staying true to your brand identity.

Inflatables are perfect for creating large advertising displays as they are light weight and pack down small making them easy to set up and transport. Above all, they create eye catching, crowd drawing, stunning displays.

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